Types of Video Games

What are the types of video games out there?

Here is a comprehensive list of the popular types of video games in the market today:

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Action Games 

Action games are those in which the player controls the game. They are at the centre of the action, and the game may consist of multiple physical challenges the player must overcome. A lot of the first video games fell under the action category. These games are easy to play and get hooked on, so they are still a dominant genre in video games. These are further divided into categories such as:

  • Platformer 
  • Shooter 
  • Fighting 
  • Beat-em up  
  • Stealth  
  • Survival 
  • Rhythm  

Action-Adventure Games 

An action-adventure game incorporates two types of game mechanics, mainly a long quest that needs items and tools to be collected and action with the object used. Action adventure games usually focus on solving puzzles, exploring, discovering loot, and maybe some basic combat. That supports the overall experience. These games include:  

  • Survival horror 
  • Metroidvania 

Adventure Games 

Adventure games can be categorized according to their gameplay style and not the content or the story. Technology has helped developers explore storytelling as a genre. Many adventure games have yet to move past being text adventures. In an adventure game, players interact with their environment and solve puzzles using clues. This category of games is divided into:

  • Text adventure 
  • Graphic adventure 
  • Visual novel  
  • Interactive movie  
  • Real-time 3D 

Role-Playing Games 

This is the second most popular kind of game genre. Here players get to live out their fantasies with these games. Most of these games have originated from the pen-and-paper game Dungeons and Dragons and hence feature medieval or other fantasy settings. As the gamer is often asked to make choices in this game, which affects the ending, these games usually have alternate endings.  

Examples of role-play games include:  

  • Sandbox RPG
  • Rouguelikes  
  • Tactical RPG 
  • Action RPG
  • First-person party-based RPG 

Simulation Games 

Most games that fall under the simulation category are designed to imitate a real or fictional reality. They are based on an actual situation or an event. They are of three types:  

  • Construction and management simulation  
  • Vehicle simulation
  • Life simulation 

Strategy Games 

Strategy games are usually based on strategy board games; they give the player total access to a world and its resources. The player, in turn, has to develop a strategy and tactics that will help them overcome the challenges. In recent years these games have evolved from a turn-based gaming system to real-time gameplay in response to a player's feedback.  

These are divided into:  

  • 4X 
  • Artillery  
  • Real-time strategy  
  • Real-time tactics  
  • Tower defence  
  • Turn-based strategy 
  • Multiplayer online battle arena
  • Turn-based tactics 
  • Wargame 
  • Grand strategy wargame  

Sports Games 

Sports games simulate a real-world games like football, basketball, golf, soccer, baseball, or even Olympic games. The opposing player can either be a computer-controlled entity or a live opponent. They are usually divided into categories such as:  

  • Racing 
  • Team Sports 
  • Competitive  
  • Sports-based fighting 

Puzzle Games 

A logic or puzzle game usually takes place on a single screen or may have one playfield. The player will need to solve a problem to advance in the game. These are divided into:  

  • Logic games  
  • Trivia games 

Idle Games 

As technology improves, it limits players' participation in the games. These are a few examples of such advanced gaming options. Here are a few examples: 

  • Idle gaming: These simplified games only need a little player involvement.  
  • Casual game: This exhibits basic gaming mechanics and can be perfect for a shorter, more relaxed setting. Most mobile games fall under this category.  
  • Party games: These are designed for multiple players and usually consist of mini-games and competitions where the participants have to play against each other.  

Other kinds include  

  • Programming games  
  • Educational game 
  • Board/Card games 
  • Advergame 
  • Art game 
  • Exergame 
  • Massive multiplayer online

Real-Time Strategy 

This kind of game originates in The Ancient Art of War. Here the player needs to partake in a game similar to rock-paper-scissors. Today this game has moved on to players needing to build a base, create more units, and destroy their opponents. Games such as The Blizzard game, StarCraft, and others have defined the progress of these games in gaming history.  

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