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February 4, 2015
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Augmented Reality in your Phone : How Blippar Brings ads to AR

You must have read a lot about augmented reality devices like Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus and all those new tech gadgets, which created all this buzz about virtual reality and AR. But did you know you could already have a taste of AR through your phone’s camera.

Blippar in Action
Blippar in Action

Blippar is an app that will show you this little peek into augmented reality. This is a AR based advertisement app. You just have to point your device at any “blippable” image or object and the app turns your screen into a augmented reality lens where you can see a 3D projection of the advertisement, poster or product you just scanned. This is not just mere projections, they stay at the image surface and rotate with it. They are even interactive, like suppose you just scanned a game poster that’s yet to be released you could tap a button in your blip and you’ll be watching the trailer of the game on a virtual screen that seems to be floating around the game poster inside your phone’s screen.

This revolutionary AR app could completely transform how you see advertisements. Just think you’re walking by a movie theatre you see an interesting poster : you just have to pull out your phone and scan the poster and you can know everything about the movie there is from it’s cast to trailers. And it becomes even more interesting with virtual projection of the movie poster.

All you need to try out this app is a smartphone, a good enough internet connection and the app itself. Even though sometimes the scans are not very perfect due to shaky hands or slow internet connection, this app is pretty interesting and has a lot of potential.

So, would you like to give blippar a try. Then get the app and just BLIPP IT!!

Try blipping this image.

Darksiders blippable poster

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