Entertainment Reporting – Bringing the Inside Scoop to the World
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Entertainment Reporting – Bringing the Inside Scoop to the World

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If you’re Indian and haven’t taken up permanent residence under a staggering pile of rocks, you’ll be well aware of how diverse and significant the entertainment industry is on our shores. From Bollywood fanatics to Hollywood’s legion of consumers, not to mention the scores of diehard fans from regional cinema, and Indian classical to Punjabi rap, and EDM to heavy metal, there’s always something new, interesting and fun to talk about. With a population of over 1.2 billion people with their own tastes, likes, dislikes, but one common, unyielding thirst for entertainment, there’s no shortage of an audience and no subject in the world of entertainment is off-limits.

The stage is set and the curtain rises for those young aspirants who want to feed this hunger for entertainment news and features across all media platforms – it is called Entertainment Journalism.

Who doesn’t love entertainment? Whether it’s playing video games or watching movies, visiting art galleries, or catching a live show of your favourite artist, or even swapping rumors about the stars and celebs, isn’t it all so much fun to do?

Well, a career in entertainment journalism allows you the scope to continue doing all of these things and get paid for it! If that isn’t enough to convince you, then here are a few more reasons why you should consider a career in entertainment journalism here in India-

  • India’s entertainment industry is growing leaps and bounds

That’s right, India’s Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry is soaring high and climbs greater heights every year. As The Economic Times reports, according to the FICCI-frames 2018 report; “the Indian Media & Entertainment (M&E) sector has seen a 13% growth in the last year to reach Rs 1.5 trillion,” and this trend is set to continue in the coming years. According to the same article, if the industry continues its upward trajectory in the coming years, then by 2020 it will have crossed the hallowed Rs. 2 trillion evaluation mark, at a CAGR of 11.6%. A flourishing industry such as this will always demand more coverage, and that can only be a good thing for aspirants hoping to break into the entertainment journalism industry in India.

  • There’s a lot of scope for coverage in India

As hinted at earlier, the Indian audience doesn’t pigeonhole itself into just one type of entertainment. With the advent of the internet and digital channels, we want to know everything that’s happening everywhere. And there are several types of entertainment journalism. You will find coverage on everything from Amazon’s Grand Tour, to Netflix’s Watchmen and HBO’s Game of Thrones. Not to mention all the mainstream Marvel flicks, art-house films submitted to the Cannes Film Festival, and anything else that gains popularity anywhere in the world. English entertainment isn’t your thing? Well, in that case you have Hindi TV shows, digital platforms like Voot and Hotstar, regional TV and cinema – one of the biggest contributors to India’s entertainment industry boom – and so much more. From Comic Cons to Sunburns, classical dance programs to ghazal nights, and the Kala Ghoda to St+art Festival, whatever your interest, there’s always something absolutely fascinating to cover here in India. And from a student’s point of view, the scope of entertainment journalism in India knows no bounds!

  • Gaining international traction

Not only are India’s entertainment journalists covering all the latest happening here in India, but they’re also being invited to the hottest and most exclusive events across the world. From Rajeev Masand’s weekly interviews with Hollywood’s A-listers for CNN TV18 to Comedian and YouTuber Kenny Sebastian’s one-on-one with Chris Pratt before the premier of The Guardians of the Galaxy, and Indian digital entertainment virtuoso MissMalini’s trip to Cannes, the world is your oyster as an Indian entertainment journalist.

  • No shortage of platforms

As the section above indicates, India’s entertainment scribes aren’t limited to traditional media, and neither is success in this space. We have everything from mainstream news channels to dedicated spaces like Zoom covering entertainment, newspapers all have that legendary Page 3 coverage, and then there’s the big magazines like Stardust, Filmfare, and Femina. Only now the magazines are joined by Indian editions of international titles like Vogue, Cosmopolitan, T3, and GQ. The digital space has also taken off with bloggers, vloggers, YouTube channels, and other social media-based publications all carving out their own niche and reaching out to massive audiences.

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

But if you want to be part of this burgeoning industry then you need the proper training, which is where Seamedu comes in. Our Degree in Broadcast Journalism (Pune) course is a three-year deep dive into all things journalism and is the perfect proving ground for budding entertainment journalists out there.

We cover everything from print, television and digital platforms, and allow our students time in front of the camera and behind it, provide writing training for long-form and short-form journalism, and offer all the tools you would need to succeed in this modern, ever-changing entertainment industry in India.

What you are you waiting for? Apply for admissions online today!

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