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Five Images That Make You Want to Dance

Photography is an art of observation. It has little to do with what you see and more to do with what you perceive of what you see. It is a common myth that photography captures the reality. On the contrary, photography is a form of expression. The photographer tells his story through his photos.

Among the many ways of expressing, photography definitely tops them all. If caught right, the visuals have such a power that they can let you imagine yourself in the scene for that moment. Looking at a beautiful picture of the sea, you can smell salt. Seeing an emotional image, you start crying. Such is the power of photography.

Here are five such images that are so powerful and so musical of sorts that you will surely want to dance!

The Strawberry Fields Forever


Let me take you down, cos I’m going to the Strawberry Fields, nothing is real and nothing to get hung about, Strawberry Fields Forever! How many of you’ll sung that out loud? The Beatles are the true definition of music and this image of them performing live surely sends us to our rock and roll shoes. It’s time to jam!



The Bacardi NH7 festival is probably the best music festival for all music lovers in India and all students taking sound engineering courses! With various rock bands coming together and playing their gig, variation of music does not get better than this! Even in this photograph, you can feel the energy and hear thumping of the beats in your soul!

The Violin Playing Goat


As it is commonly said, happiness is not happiness without a violin playing goat! La Mariee, which is French for ‘The Bride’ is a masterpiece of a painting created by Russian-French artist, Marc Changall. Even though the painting is based on the bride, you can’t help but notice a goat playing the violin and all we can imagine is the wedding tune played by the goat while the bride in true fashion walks down the aisle.

The Phantom of the Opera


Quoting Mr. Richard Gere from the movie ‘Pretty Woman’, you can either love the opera or hate it, there are no two ways about it. And how we agree! Started in the early 1800’s an opera is surely the biggest and most difficult musical acts ever performed. This image of the ‘Phantom of the Opera’ one of the most popular acts, surely surrounds you with dramatic music and beautiful high pitched singing.

The King of Tabla


Amongst the best musicians of India, Zakhir Hussain has single handed brought back the trend of the table amongst heavy metal bass and drums. Winning the Grammy award for his album, this legendary musician has truly shown the power of the tabla. This picture of him lost in the music surely makes you want to grab a pair of ghungru and dance to the beat of the king of the tabla!


Yes, these people or scenes are iconic and true legends. But we can keep reliving their memories thanks to the get photographers and the amazing photography courses that they took. After all, photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.





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