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Game Meet 2015: Jitin Roa, Producer at UbiSoft, Pune

At a game meet, the aim is always to learn more and stay in touch with the industry trends. One among the bright stars of the game industry today, Jithin Rao had much to share with us.

Speaker: Jitin Rao

Who is he: Jithin Rao is a producer at Ubisoft Pune, and was producer for Ubisoft Pune’s first in-house new IP, “100 All Time Favorites” for the Nintendo DS, which was released in October 2009. He started his career as a PC game engine programmer at Indian studios before taking on the role of Game Producer at mobile game development giant, Gameloft and then at Ubisoft. He is currently continues to work with Ubisoft.

What he taught:
In this video he addresses various questions game developer have to ask before they start a project.

Questions like:

  1. Where do you start from?
  2. How do I judge if it’s good?
  3. How do u judge if you are going in the right direction?
  4. If you are making the right decisions?
  5. Do u have the right game design?

He goes on to explain how these questions plague the mind of every game maker. In the video below, he explains how to combat these hindrances and make your concept come to life!

He further goes on explain how before anyone starts out with a game development project he needs to answer these questions.

  1. What gets you interested?
  2. What gets you trust?
  3. What gets you believe?

He talks about the core mechanics of making a game. He says that whatever the level of interaction of an user, the core mechanics should never change.

To know the answer to all these questions, from the producer working for a gaming giant, click the link below.


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