Studying in India: How Good is Bangalore, Really?
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December 15, 2016
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Studying in India: How Good is Bangalore, Really?

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Garden City of India; Pensioner’s Paradise; Silicon Valley of the East; IT capital of India – Bangalore (Bengaluru) goes by many names. But anyone who has been to the city, even once will vouch for the fact that Bangalore has an unmistakable academic air to it.  The city is fast emerging as the educational hub of India attracting many students from the country and abroad to its fold.

So, what makes Bangalore the academic nerve center of the country? To begin with, it’s the abundance of international-standard education and research institutions in the city that cover almost every academic and professional field one can think of.

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According to an All India Survey on Higher Education, Bangalore district topped in terms of number of colleges with 924 colleges. The Bangalore University, established in 1886, itself provides affiliation to over 500 colleges and boasts of a total student enrollment in excess of 300,000.

Home to Premier Educational Institutions

Bangalore, being the IT hub of India, is home to many topnotch engineering colleges notable among them the R.V. College of Engineering, PES Institute of Technology, BMS College of Engineering, M. S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology, and Bangalore Institute of Technology.

That the city is at the forefront of scientific research and study is clear from the presence of premier institutes like Indian Institute of Science, National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS), Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (JNCASR), and the Raman Research Institute.

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But if you thought that academic learning in Bangalore is limited to science and technology, you are in for a surprise. The city has some of the best medical colleges in the country like the St. John’s Medical College and Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute in addition to the premier mental health institution in India National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS).

Besides, top schools for design (National Institute of Design), fashion (National Institute of Fashion Technology), law (National Law School of India University), management (Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore), and statistics (Indian Statistical Institute) also have their campuses in the city.

Presence of Industry a Big Draw

That Bangalore is home to some of the most elite institutes of higher education in the country is not the only reason for its astonishing popularity among students. One of the biggest draws of Bangalore for prospective students is the presence of many industries.

While over the last few years IT has been the most visible industry in the city, it’s not the only driving force of Bangalore’s economy. Agreed that IT firms in Bangalore employ about 35% of India’s pool of 2.5 million IT professionals, but Bangalore has traditionally attracted a lot of public sector industries due to its geographical location.

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The city is also the hub of space technology, aviation and aerospace, biotechnology, banking, and manufacturing among other industries.

This represents an incredible opportunity for educational institutions to collaborate with the industries and offer their students a chance to gain practical knowledge and professional competencies.  The overwhelming presence of so many industries also translates into immense placement opportunities once the students graduate, which is another reason why they throng to the city in thousands.

Namma ‘Luru Best!

Professional prospects aside, there’s a certain vibe to the city that makes it the favored destination for students. It could be the large pool of educated and qualified professionals that promotes and supports intellectual growth. It could be the city’s deep rooted connect to its culture and heritage. It could be the largely broadminded and liberal population of Bangalore that is equally welcoming of outside people and influences.

Add to that the safety aspect and a weather that’s truly God-given and you have all the makings of a students’ haven. Safety plays a key role in people’s decision to travel out of their home town for higher education. Bangalore is much safer compared to cities like Delhi. Its balmy climate almost all the year round is another factor that makes Bangalore an extremely inviting proposition, and not just for students.

The city also has a huge migratory population adding to its cosmopolitan spirit. What’s even more incredible is that a huge part of this population is highly educated. In fact, at 47.7% the city has the enviable distinction of attracting the maximum number of highly educated migrants.

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A largely heterogeneous population puts people who travel from other parts of the country at ease as it allows them to blend in. Students, especially from far-flung northern and north-eastern states, feel comfortable coming to Bangalore for their academic pursuits.

So, that’s the story of Bangalore’s astonishing rise to the position of pride in India’s higher education ecosystem. Are you ready to make Bangalore your home?

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