Seamedu Game Meet: When Girish Dhakephalkar came to Speak
Seamedu Game Meet: What we did in the year 2010
January 1, 2015
game development
Seamedu Game Meet: Why did we decide to hold one in the first place?
January 1, 2015

Seamedu Game Meet: When Girish Dhakephalkar came to Speak

Game development


We are always talking about how the Seamedu Game Meet is all about bringing to the classroom the future of the gaming industry. After the many years that we have been watching the market, we can now say with great confidence that the industry is ready to remove the shackles of the expected and step out of the box too. Entertainment software designing and programming is just the beginning now. The future is where the applications of these programs can take us. Curious? So were our students. And that is why we brought back Girish Dhakephalkar to our second meet after he delivered his session on game programming in the first one. And the next question is why him?

Why Girish Dhakephalkar?

Girish Dhakephalkar, Game development

His experience speaks for itself. Having been a part of the gaming industry for over 7 years now, Girish has seen the industry when it was just starting out. He first stepped into the world of gaming as a software engineer to define efficient process to game building and to program the software. He spent a little over 3 years in the United Kingdom working with Realtime Worlds doing the same. But the turning point  was when we moved to Pune about 5 years back and started Shoonya Gaming Technologies.

What does Shoonya Gaming technologies do?

Quoting them, “Immersive experiences are the key to the effectiveness of communicating information to your users. Computer games have been known to be an extremely effective medium that delivers immersive experiences – you get engaged for hours together without realizing it. Our aim is to bring the same level of immersion to your users by creating engaging experiences based around your products using the same computer games technologies.” After making a name as one of the best game developers in India, they have moved forward to dive into the world of the applications of the gaming technology. Today, they offer various virtual reality and other solutions that can be applied in different industries of architecture, education, medicine, construction so on and so forth.

What did he talk about?

His session had a very simple aim. Break the limitations that the word gaming may have set in the minds of the young and innocent. He spoke about what the future of interactive and engaging mediums like gaming was heading towards and how the doors of opportunity are always open for those willing to be creative about being creative.

Are you curious to find out what the said? Here are a couple of shots from the session.

So what do we have in store for the next Seamedu Game Meet you ask? Come and find out!

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