Seamedu at TEDx – Taking Practical Experiences to Great Heights
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March 24, 2017
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April 10, 2017

Seamedu at TEDx – Taking Practical Experiences to Great Heights

At Seamedu, we aspire to give our students hands-on experiences along with learned knowledge. We appreciate and acknowledge the brilliance that our students bring to the forum, alongside any practical know-how we can impart to them. In a quest to build brighter opportunities for our students, we try and expose them to various real-life situations which then allows them to utilize their learned and adapted craft.

We recently had such an opportunity at a much talked-about event at TEDx Pune, the theme of which was “#WhyNot”.

TEDx events are held independently but follow the similar guidelines to that of TED conferences. TED is a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading ideas and experiences usually in the form of short powerful talks/presentations in the field of Technology, Entertainment and Design converged (hence the name TED), and covers almost all topics ranging from science to business to global socio-political issues in more than 100 languages.

This event took place on 26th November 2016, in Hyatt Regency Pune, and had an eclectic mix of many a master speakers, who are doing outstanding work in fields apart from their regular occupation. These eight speakers were:

  • Akshay Saxena, Sociologist

It’s his dream to ensure that students from low-income households get realistic access to higher education and is creating an affordable alternative to the expensive tuitions meant to help kids pass their college entrance exams.

  • Muzaffar Ansari, Tourist Guide/Historian

Widely recognized as “Kalley Bhai”, he is the only tourist guide in Chanderi who has been licensed by the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation. He has dedicated his whole life trying to retrace the history of Chanderi and has acquired vast knowledge in the fields of epigraphy, palaeography, archaeology and numismatics.

  • Rwitwika Bhattacharya, Founder of NGO Swaniti

From Harvard to working with MPs in rural constituencies, she has paved the way for today’s youth. She focuses on providing end-to-end solutions to MPs and MLAs on development issues and has improved many rural lives.

  • Sarang Gosavi, Founder of Aseem

Living in Kashmir since more than a decade, this thinker/change-seeker and change maker has been helping the Kashmiri youth to become self-sufficient entrepreneurs and helps in connecting them with the rest of India.

  • Sonali Kataria, Educator and Founder of Sunrise Learning (previous medical practitioner at AIIMs)

Dr. Sonali is a visionary and a change catalyst who aims to build a world of acceptance and positive lives for autistic children.

  • Sumitra Nayak, Indian Rugby Captain

Currently in standard 12th, she aims to continue to play for the Indian team and be recognized as the best Rugby player in the world. She led her team to the under-13 World Championship in standard 10th and won the championship for Team India.

  • Tanvi Kulkarni, Chairperson for People for Animals Pune

She believes firmly in the principals of Sahjeevan, a peaceful coexistence between all species and is a big advocate for animal welfare.

  • Wajid Khan, Artist

A sculptor, inventor, portraitist and a patent holder, he has specialized in carving canvas with nails and is recognized in Guinness Book of World Records, Limca Book of Records, and Asia Book of Records. He has been commissioned to design a unique sculpture for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

It was huge for Seamedu students to be a part of the TEDx experience, since they not only got to learn truckloads from the knowledge sharing, but also got to share the platform by applying their specialized skills in journalism, photography, video editing, lighting, sound recording and mixing.

Seamedu School of Pro-Expressionism was a video partner for TEDx Pune and hence, our students got a chance to record and edit videos of the entire event there.

  • The filmmaking students handled the multi-camera setup at the event. The students, having armoured themselves with what they have been learning in their degree and diploma program in filmmaking, had the opportunity to get hands-on experience.
  • The photography students took still images with their cameras. How to tell a story with still pictures is what we teach them during their course and the students make their passions and creativity come alive in such events.
  • The sound engineering students took control of the sound recording and mixing at the event that added value to what they learnt at the institute. With the advancement in technology, events like these offer huge exposure and learning.
  • The journalism students enriched themselves by taking interviews and news bytes of various guests. This not only gave them an idea on how to cover a major international event, but also gave them a chance to learn by doing it on a massive stage.

Seamedu students relished taking part in an experience zone where latest innovations in technology were on display and got to be a part of live tweeting from the venue. Their mass communication study came in handy where they got to experience what it means to translate news in the social media.

So apart from getting certificates for participation, the videos edited by the students will be used by TEDx on their website, which will give them not only a sense of recognition but also a sense of worth.

Looking forward to many such events in the future!

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