Seamedu – Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth’s Expert Knowledge Partner
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November 24, 2016
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Seamedu – Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth’s Expert Knowledge Partner

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Since the birth of Seamedu School of Pro-Expressionism as a Media and Entertainment education institute in 2008, we have been proud to produce skilled and able professionals in the fields of digital film making, mass communication, photography, music production, game engineering, animation & VFX, broadcast journalism, sound engineering and other related areas.

Our mission has always been the same – to close the distance between the realities of these industries and the education each provides. In order to aid us in continuing to achieve that goal with more success, we have collaborated with Toolbox Studio and Rolocule Games. What’s more, we are also the only media school in Pune with certifications from Apple and Digi-Design.

Students and parents often ask questions about the university that we are affiliated to. Seamedu is honoured to be associated with Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth, Pune, as the ‘expert knowledge partner’. Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth (TMV) first came to be in 1921, long before the establishment of IGNOU or YCMOU. A ‘Deemed to be University’ since 1987, the institute is also NAAC-accredited and boasts of a large number of degree courses, including Bachelors and Masters in Mass Communication.

Under the said collaboration with TMV, Seamedu offers several media-related degree courses in Pune for aspirants. They include:

BFA in Visual Effects and Animation for Film and TV

Indian studios are often recruited to work on feature films. Life of Pi, Avatar, Skyfall are just a few examples of films in which a team of Indian VFX artists from Indian studios took the reins in creating realistic visual effects. This full-fledged degree is geared towards those who want to get in on this growing industry and produce the highest quality, globally-applauded effects.

BCA in Mobile Application Development

Anyone with a smartphone knows the importance of an app. Whether it serves a security, entertainment, educational or functional purpose, the development of mobile apps has exploded in India and across the globe. Along with the industry’s staple programming languages, this BCA at the Pune campus covers subjects such as iOS and Android app development, Distribution and Marketing and HCI in great detail – turning any keen student into a skilled app developer with career opportunities all over the world.

BA in Journalism and Mass Communication (Digital Film Making)

You can become a cinematographer, editor, script writer, post-production supervisor and more with this versatile degree. Learn everything from the basics of visual styling to the development of a story to the post-production process of film with the hands on heavy teaching that provides current industry exposure and endless opportunities for practical learning. Emerge armed with the technical skills and professional knowledge necessary to place a foot firmly in the film industry.

BFA in Game Design

We are living in a time where simply playing your favourite video game can turn into a highly lucrative career, so it only makes sense that designing such games in itself is a very promising ambition.

Through this game design degree, you will learn how to create a game from the ground up by designing paper prototypes and be taken through the entire process of designing a video game through practical examples and utilising current industry software.

BCA in Game Software Development

Endless hours of planning, creation, development and testing go into producing a single, glitch-free video game. While the outer design of the game itself is an integral part of the process, game software development is the behind the scenes backbone of a game. This degree explores subjects such as Artificial Intelligence, Game Programming and Game Distribution and Marketing, in order to equip you with the skills needed to create quality games in the increasingly competitive video game industry.

BA in Journalism and Mass Communication

Seamedu prides itself in producing proficient and principled journalists through this premier journalism course. In our increasingly globally connected world, people find it important to not only keep abreast of what’s happening in their immediate environment but also to understand and stay informed on what’s happening on the other side of the planet. So whether you want to be a news anchor, researcher, reporter or video journalist, this degree provides hands-on training, industry exposure and technical skills in order to turn you into a communication professional.

BA in Journalism and Mass Communication (Photography)

Photography is a universal language, communicating concepts without words. Sports, weddings, food, architecture, fashion, journalism, travel, wildlife – photography is versatile (and important) enough to be necessary in all these fields. Through this 70% practical work degree, both Indian and international students can learn the technical skills and applied knowledge that is a must have for every professional photographer. A portfolio for each student is also built, enabling faster integration into the industry.

BA in Journalism and Mass Communication (Sound Engineering)

The film, gaming, animation, television, radio and music industries are now heavily dependent on sound to augment their production process. The physics of sound, sound designing software, sound recording and modulation, equipment – all these things and much more go into creating digital sound to support the several forms of media today. Become a professionally trained sound engineer using the state-of-the-art equipment, studio and software that come along with this degree.

Making these media education degrees relevant, engaging and practical in this widespread, ever-evolving industry is our goal and we gladly continue to strive for it along with Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth in Pune.

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